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Corporate, commercial and finance

Regulatory, risk and liability

Insurance and reinsurance

Trade practices, competition, sale of goods and product liability



Practice Overview

Richard Burn & Associates is focused on delivering tailored solutions across a range of disciplines including corporate, finance, regulatory, risk and litigation. In particular, the firm offers unique experience and service in the aviation, energy and insurance sectors.

Richard Burn brings first hand experience of various Asian and Middle Eastern countries to the practice. His understanding of a variety of cultures has developed as a consequence of several years spent living and working in countries outside of Australia.

The result is the most experienced specialist aviation practice in Australia. Richard Burn & Associates offers cost-effective legal and commercial solutions distinctive in their appreciation of political and cultural subtleties as well as legal and operational considerations.

We also offer access to an extensive network of affiliated correspondent lawyers who are similarly committed to providing cost effective solutions to our clients.

Corporate, Commercial and Finance
The firm specialises in corporate and commercial advice, and the provision of transactional documentation. The firm has particular experience in the transport, energy and resources industries. Clients are located in Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Regulatory, Risk and Liability We can advise upon all aspects of contracts, product liability, risk management, crisis response management and crisis communication.

The firm's lawyers act in all Australian jurisdictions, as well as internationally. We have extensive experience in handling claims on behalf of individuals, corporations, insurers, brokers and insureds. Multi-jurisdictional dispute resolution is also well within the firm's expertise.

The firm prides itself on taking a proactive approach to disputes and compensation claims, utilising all modern dispute resolution procedures available including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation, as appropriate.

Insurance and Reinsurance
The firm advises on:

  • Policy and coverage issues;
  • Drafting clauses;and
  • Insurance and regulatory issues on behalf of insurers, insureds and brokers

in both contentious and non-contentious scenarios.

Trade Practices, Competition, Sale of Goods and Product Liability
We provide expert advice in respect of trade practices, competition, sale of goods and product liability matters. Our understanding of the legislative and regulatory provisions of trade practices law extends beyond Australia to the Asia Pacific region.

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