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 Aviation   Energy & Resources   Asia & the Middle East 
Risk and Liability
Risk management and analysis
Crisis planning, management, communication
Security, sabotage, terrorism Carriage by air:
 • Passenger
 • Baggage
 • Cargo
Airport operations
Ground handling
Maintenance and overhaul
Product liability

Airline start-ups
Airport management
Air traffic control
Air service agreements Accident/Incident investigation
Competition law
Noise abatement
Data protection and privacy
Brand protection
Aircraft certification and registration
Environmental issues
Code share agreements Embargoes
Slot agreements
Navigation Alliances
Frequent flyer schemes
Computer reservation systems
Ownership and control of carriers

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Aircraft sale and purchase
Aircraft leasing and financing
Fractional ownership
Joint ventures
Air Travel
Denied boarding
Passenger ticketing
Supply agreements
Catering Personal injury
Conditions of carriage and storage
Navigation rules
Dangerous goods
Health and safety
Piloting infringements
Customs and excise
Tourism and Travel
Travel agency commissions
Website trading
Spoilt holiday claims
Agent regulation,
Travel operator licensing
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